Once Councillors Go raging: The folly of a red-blooded male politician

Once Councillors Go raging: The folly of a red-blooded male politician

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Councillor Craig Ogilvie is good as he states that lots of customers incorporate their own phone for titillation. But his own excuses for using a council-issued phone-in by doing this never sustain, publishes Lauren Rosewarne.

Found in this week’s bout of When Councillors become raging, Cr Craig Ogilvie of better Brisbane’s Redland town possesses mentioned toward using his own employer-provided technical equipment for activities on the better close species.

Ponder Ashley Madison email. Believe handmade sex videos. Consider a bountiful stockpile o’ downloaded pornography.

Without a mea culpa, than skilfully blaming they on dopey intern, instead, Ogilvie have experimented with reframe the scandal as testament to his virility. That, if he is responsible for any such thing, this being “red-blooded”. It seems that, his own libido is probably very red-hot, that not it are bridled, it should be caught. For posterity. On council-issued accessories.

Ogilvie’s protection tactic here is an inquisitive three-pronged rationalisation. First of all, he is alleged that home-based using council-supplied equipment is, like, absolutely appropriate. (Those three vital mail of F, O, i show up, relatively, to experience dropped down his own radar).

Second, he’s used the rock-solid primary schoolyard claim that the other kids are doing it – making erotic movies, watching porn – so why is he being singled out?

Last, and here is exactly where his or her delicto brings completely delightful, Ogilvie has actually implicated any individual daring to matter his thinking as a whore shamer. Continue reading